22nd October 2009 – Menemen to Candali

"Not very good" was an understatement but at least it was clean. It was up some narrow concrete steps to the room which was just big enough for the two single beds. The shower down the corridoor reminded us of those in Peru, but at least it was hot. The separate toilet was the squat type.

A pretty good bike tyre in a local shop cost us only four pounds, which was about the same as the evening meal just around the corner.

Back on the main coast road we soon turned off to Candarli.

The weather is still very comfortable for cycling, but gets a bit cooler in the evening and the wind is still kind to us with a tailwind most of the time.

Just as we were entering the small town of Candarli, a car passed us and stopped ahead. A woman got out and an English voice said "Are you from England? We saw the flags on the front of your bikes"

They were Veronica and Kemal from Ismir. Veronica was English and lived in Turkey with Kemal. After a short chat we were invited to stay in their holiday home in Candarli which was on the seafront just up the road.

We have often picked up tourists and invited them to stay with us, but this was the first time it had happened to us. David eagerly agreed especially as the invitation involved sea fishing from a boat.

Enough fish were caught to feed us all for the evening meal and we all stayed up late talking before finally having a good nights rest.

Before we left, there was enough time for a spot more boat fishing for which the local cats were very grateful.

Now, we are taking our time travelling north as we have no intention of cycling into and through Istanbul. The plan is to stop whenever and wherever we like and take a bus into Istanbul for the final hop.

Dave and Joan Wooldridge