27th November 2010 - Pekan, Malaysia

On Monday 15th November at 8.30a.m after an 13 hour flight we arrived at Singapore airport, put our bikes together and headed into town. The ride should have been easy but after going wrong several times we eventually arrived hot and tired at our hotel.

After sleeping most of the day and not being able to sleep at night we set off at daybreak through the Singapore traffic to the border bridge crossing to Malaysia.  There were no problems at the border, but finding a way out of the city by bike was difficult. Most road signs direct you to the motorways where bikes are not allowed. Eventually we found a hotel and fell asleep. It was still only 1pm local time.

The choice of going up the west or east coast was decided only after we crossed into Malaysia and the east coast was where we headed.  The west coast was supposed to be drier but more congested whereas the east coast is wetter but less built up.

Our route took us through Ulu Tiram, Kota Tinggi, Mersing and Pekan where we are now. This is the first time we have seen an internet cafe.

Up until now, the route has been fairly boring and our daily distances very short as we have stopped before midday each day due to the heat. Also, Joan fell off and gave herself a bump on the head and several aches and bruises which caused us to stay in one place by the sea for several days to give her time to recuperate. She then twisted her ankle while resting!

Some idea of prices. Hotel 4GBP (not on suite) up to 15GBP, normally pay 10GBP for reasonable on-suite with air-con.  40GBP will give you the top class hotel.
Food - meal for 2 - 2GBP. Rice, chicken, coffee.  Kilo bananas - 60p, oranges 80p, dates 1.20p.

Have seen plenty of Toucans, Eagles, Monkeys and Lizards, and some lovely  Butterflies. The commonest bird is the Myhna bird.

David has caught some small fish and put them back.
Tomorrow we will be in Kuantan, the biggest town on the east coast and we will have to make a decision. Either carry on up the east coast and risk heavy rain and floods or cycle(or bus) across to the west coast above Kuala Lumpa to continue north. There is a risk of flooding either way but we will attempt to seek advice.


David and Joan Wooldridge