3rd December 2010 - Kuantan to Terangganu

Couldn't find a Tourist Information centre anywhere in Kuantan, nor anyone to give us any information about routes, weather etc., Decision made by tossing a coin - we carry on up the east coast.

The weather so far has been good to us. It has rained mostly overnight or late afternoon and only once did we get wet. There is no problem getting wet as the rain is warm and we soon dry out when it stops.  The roads can get a bit muddy afterwards though. When the sun comes out it is very hot and makes cycling hard work especially as we have had a headwind all the way.

Food at the roadside stalls and cafes is mostly rice with various bits added, mainly chicken or seafood.  Vegetables seem to be scarce in cafes, but common on the markets. Coffee is served with or without condensed milk or ice and is surprisingly good at 20p a cup.

As we have said before, the typical price for a room is 10 gbp, but after a long day to Paka the only place available was at an expensive resort where the only choice was a three bedroom chalet/apartment at 70gbp!  We explained that we only wanted one room and finally the price went down to 40gbp - still far more than we usually pay. This was without breakfast, but we did get a free english language newspaper in the morning. (not the Daily Mail)

At one place by the sea, David caught five catfish in 20 minutes, but put them all back again.

Some places have swimming pools, but only children and men seem to use them. The women sit around fully covered from head to toe and Joan would feel too uncomfortable to go in.

On the way to Terenggau, the rain finally caught us. We rode all morning in torrential rain and through water occasionally up to our hubs. At a small place called Marang we found a nice cabin in a leafy garden area where we dripped water all over the floor in the reception. All our clothes were soaked through as our so called waterproofs were useless under these conditions. However, the rain was warm making the ride not unpleasant but somewhat uncomfortable especially when restarting after a stop. Our new Altura front bags proved to be far from waterproof, but our ageing Ortlieb rear panniers held up very well.

The rain continued all day, through the night and most of the next day.


David and Joan Wooldridge